”My ability to speak and lead in a compelling, inspiring and powerful way has a significant impact on how we perform as an organization. Every word and move on stage counts. Having Mette as speech strategist and performance coach is extremely valuable; she helps me sharpen my thoughts and move my audiences.”

Mette Kaagaard, CEO Microsoft Denmark and Iceland

”Presentation training with Mette was not at all what I thought it would be. I booked Mette to polish my presentation skills and quite quickly I got much better with Mette’s simple and effective tools. But what I hadn’t seen coming was how transformative this training turned out to be in my leadership: I went from being a CFO good at presenting professional messages to being a leader conveying messages that truly resonate on a professional and personal level. I became a better leader.”


”Mette and Jonas turn regular presenters into thought leaders; and that’s a big difference. Anyone can do a presentation, but only the best can create followership with their communication. And that’s the impact and result we get with Mette and Jonas.”

Torben Schmidt-Jensen, Global Head of HR Corporate functions, Danske Bank

“Our new strategy had been launched. It was of high quality, ambitious and we were sure it was the right strategy for us. How could we add the feeling of united leadership and trust in our organization to collaborate in reaching our goals? Mette and the team literally put music to the key parts of our strategy which gave the whole company a unique experience and sense of unity.”